Hummel Village: Who We Are

Hummel Village welcomed its first tenants in 2004. It was under the ownership of the original builders, Lynn and Joan Simonsen until 2014. At that time, it was purchased by Lori Herman and Steve Golis. Our full time manager at Hummel Village is Marta Velasco. She is there to help with all of your needs Monday through Friday from 10:00AM to 4:30PM. Always feel free to give her a call.

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The builders of Hummel Village are seniors, and they build for seniors.

We want safety. We want security. But most of all we want to be as independent as possible for as long as possible. Senior-oriented homes should be designed with our current and future needs in mind. Communities need to provide the tools, programs, and camaraderie that benefit us.

Left to Right

  • Louis Blanchard, Cook
  • Lori Herman, Owner
  • Anne Whitten, Activities
  • Teresa Mejia, Head of Housekeeping
  • Marta Velasco, Manager
  • Chandler Urban, Maintenance

The Original Hummel Village

We believe our residents who are 55+ want and deserve the ability to live independently, safely and in a high quality setting for as long as possible.

Longer and healthier lives demand that seniors are given a housing option which provides them with a quality of life that embraces and enhances the independent spirit.

At Hummel Village, we focus on “wellness.” Our home design and all of our programs encourage our residents to focus on staying independent, active, integrated with other people, safe and secure.

Clients & Testimonials

Elena, Resident since 2018

Hummel Village has been an awesome place to live. The entire Staff are very helpful and caring. I like the monthly rent includes many amenities, including weekly housekeeping. Another great feature, are the delicious home-style cooked lunches and the variety of social activities. I enjoy the beautiful landscape of the park when I am taking a stroll. 

I highly recommend this exceptional community to all seniors that are seeking a great place to reside which offers safe, secure, and active or relaxed lifestyle. 

Jean Shinn, Resident since 2016

I’ve lived at Hummel Village for 7 ½ Years. We are all older and our needs are different. Hummel Village takes care of those for me. 

Fran Simonsen, resident since 1998

Hummel Village was the last community my son and my late husband built. They wanted to build a beautiful and safe community for Don and I to retire in. They certainly achieved their goals. I’ve lived in just about every size of suite there is here, and each one has been great. I may be prejudiced, but I don’t think there is any other retirement community in this area that offers the same sense of comfort and hominess that Hummel Village does.

Priscilla Gotsick, Resident since 2017

Hummel Village is a wonderful place to live. It is ideally located in a quiet residential neighborhood. Chef Louis makes yummy and nutritious meals for purchase at Lunch, served Monday-Friday. The residents here are a wonderful bunch of people from all different walks of life. There are couples, widows (male & female), and singles. The Managers always seem to select the nicest folks to live here. I think all of us who do live here count ourselves VERY Lucky. I didn’t think I would find a place to live with all of these wonderful amenities which at a truly reasonable cost.